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Top Iranian tomato paste manufacturer 2025 | Aseptic,Tin

Top Iranian tomato paste manufacturer 2025 | Aseptic,Tin

Top Iranian tomato paste manufacturer

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Rowyal is a premier Iranian tomato paste manufacturer renowned for its high-quality products. Established with a vision to provide the best tomato-based culinary solutions, Rowyal has grown to become a household name in Iran and beyond. The company’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation sets it apart in the competitive food industry.

Company History

Rowyal was founded with a mission to revolutionize the Iranian tomato paste industry. The founders recognized a significant gap in the market for high-quality, locally-produced tomato paste and aimed to create a product that could compete with the best internationally. With a strong focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Rowyal quickly established itself as a leading player in the market. The company invested heavily in state-of-the-art production facilities and advanced manufacturing techniques, enabling it to produce superior tomato paste that meets the highest standards.

Over the years, Rowyal has achieved several key milestones that underscore its growth and success. These milestones include expanding its product range, increasing production capacity, and entering international markets. The company’s commitment to excellence has been recognized through numerous certifications and awards, further solidifying its reputation as a top tomato paste manufacturer. Today, Rowyal continues to build on its legacy, focusing on sustainability, innovation, and quality to maintain its competitive edge in the industry.

Rowyal holds a paramount significance in the Iranian market as a trusted provider of high-quality tomato paste. With its unwavering dedication to excellence, Rowyal has become a household name, synonymous with superior taste, purity, and reliability. The company’s products are cherished by Iranian consumers for their rich flavor and versatility in traditional and modern cuisine. Rowyal’s presence not only satisfies the culinary needs of Iranians but also contributes to the nation’s economy and agricultural sector through sustainable practices and community engagement.

Rowyal Aseptic Tomato Paste

Rowyal’s aseptic tomato paste is a premium product designed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Aseptic processing ensures that the Iranian tomato paste is free from contaminants and preserves its natural flavor, color, and nutritional value without the need for preservatives. This method involves sterilizing both the tomato paste and the packaging separately and then combining them in a sterile environment, resulting in a product that remains fresh and safe for an extended period.

The aseptic tomato paste from Rowyal is made from the finest, sustainably sourced tomatoes. These tomatoes are carefully selected and processed using advanced manufacturing techniques that retain the rich taste and vibrant color characteristic of high-quality tomato paste. The product is available in various packaging options, including bags, drums, and bulk containers, catering to the diverse needs of food manufacturers, restaurants, and households. Rowyal’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that its aseptic tomato paste is a preferred choice for culinary professionals and consumers alike.

Top Iranian tomato paste manufacturer رب اسپتیک صادراتی و رب قوطی صادراتی

Rowyal Tin Tomato Paste

Rowyal’s tin tomato paste is a hallmark of quality and convenience, perfect for both home cooks and professional chefs. Packed in durable, easy-to-store tins, this product ensures that the rich, concentrated flavor of ripe tomatoes is always within reach. The tin packaging not only preserves the freshness and quality of the tomato paste but also offers a long shelf life, making it a practical choice for various culinary applications.

Produced from the finest, sustainably sourced tomatoes, Rowyal’s tin tomato paste undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process that maintains its vibrant color, robust taste, and nutritional benefits. The paste is ideal for enhancing the flavor of sauces, soups, stews, and a wide range of dishes. Available in different sizes to suit diverse needs, Rowyal’s tin tomato paste is a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering premium, high-quality products that meet the highest standards of taste and safety.


Certifications and Quality Standards

Rowyal is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in its production processes, which is reflected in its numerous certifications. The company has achieved ISO 9001 certification for quality management, ensuring consistent delivery of superior products that meet customer and regulatory requirements. This certification underscores Rowyal’s commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence.

In addition to ISO 9001, Rowyal holds ISO 22000 certification for food safety management, highlighting its rigorous adherence to food safety protocols throughout the production process. This certification ensures that Rowyal’s Iranian tomato paste is produced in a safe, hygienic environment, free from contaminants. Furthermore, Rowyal has obtained ISO 14001 certification for environmental management, demonstrating its dedication to sustainable practices and minimizing environmental impact. These certifications collectively affirm Rowyal’s status as a leading tomato paste manufacturer committed to quality, safety, and sustainability.

Market Presence

Rowyal has established a formidable presence in the domestic market, capturing a significant share with its high-quality Iranian tomato paste products. The company’s strong brand reputation is built on its unwavering commitment to quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction. With an extensive distribution network, Rowyal ensures that its products are readily available across Iran, from small grocery stores to large supermarket chains. This widespread availability, coupled with the trust and loyalty of Iranian consumers, solidifies Rowyal’s dominant position in the local market.

Beyond its domestic success, Rowyal has made impressive strides in the international arena. The company exports its premium Iranian tomato paste to several countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. By meeting stringent international quality standards and catering to diverse culinary preferences, Rowyal has successfully penetrated these competitive markets. The company’s ability to maintain the freshness, flavor, and nutritional value of its Iranian tomato paste during transportation further enhances its appeal to global consumers and food manufacturers.

Rowyal’s competitive advantage lies in its innovative production techniques, sustainable practices, and strong customer focus. The company continually invests in research and development to introduce new products and improve existing ones, ensuring it stays ahead of market trends. Rowyal’s commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility also resonates with consumers who value ethical business practices. By combining high-quality products with a forward-thinking approach, Rowyal continues to strengthen its market presence both domestically and internationally, setting the standard in the tomato paste industry.


Rowyal stands out as a leading Iranian tomato paste manufacturer in Iran, known for its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. With a strong domestic presence and growing international reach, Rowyal consistently delivers superior products that meet the highest standards. The company’s focus on customer satisfaction, advanced production techniques, and eco-friendly practices solidify its reputation as a trusted brand. As Rowyal continues to innovate and expand, it remains dedicated to enhancing the culinary experience for consumers worldwide.

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