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Welcome to Our factory

Rowyal factory video

We warmly invite you to experience our factory firsthand by scheduling an in-person visit. Witness our state-of-the-art facilities, meet our skilled team members, and gain insights into our manufacturing processes. 

Alternatively, if distance or time constraints prevent an on-site visit, you can request a live video tour. Through this virtual experience, you’ll still have the opportunity to explore our premises, interact with our staff, and delve into the intricacies of our operations from the comfort of your own location.

Inside Rowyal's Tomato Paste Factory

Step into the heart of Rowyal's tomato paste production process with our factory video! Witness our commitment to quality and excellence at every stage.

quality of 5kg tomato paste

Discover the meticulous quality control process behind Rowyal's 5kg canned tomato paste in our captivating video. Witness our stringent standards ensuring excellence in every batch.

quality of Rowyal tomato paste

Experience the essence of quality with Rowyal's canned tomato paste! Witness a meticulous inspection process ensuring excellence in every bite.

Rowyal Aseptic tomato paste

Rowyal's aseptic tomato paste in Iran embodies the pinnacle of quality, defined by its unmatched freshness and rich flavor derived from the finest Iranian tomatoes.

speak with a manager

You can schedule appointments with the manager to discuss our products or collaboration opportunities. Additionally, you’re welcome to visit our tomato paste factory in person to see it up close.

بهترین صادرکننده رب اسپتیک و قوطی با قیمت رقابتی Buy tomato paste from Iran |Best Producer and Exporter