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Supplier and Factory of Tomato Paste in Iran for Export 2024

Supplier and Factory of Tomato Paste in Iran for Export 2024

Supplier and Factory of Tomato Paste in Iran for Export

For inquiries regarding tomato paste orders for export, kindly reach out to Rowyal at +98-9171199398. Alternatively, you can email directly to discuss your requirements and place your order. Rowyal a factory of Tomato Paste in Iran stands ready to assist you in fulfilling your tomato paste needs for export markets with unparalleled quality and service.

Introduction to Rowyal

Rowyal Sabz Novin stands as a premier supplier and factory of tomato paste in Iran, renowned for its commitment to quality and excellence. With a rich history steeped in the tradition of tomato cultivation, Rowyal has emerged as a cornerstone of the Iranian food industry.

The company’s dedication to innovation and technological advancement sets it apart in the competitive market landscape. By leveraging state-of-the-art production facilities and employing stringent quality control measures, Rowyal ensures the highest standards of purity and freshness in its tomato paste products.

Its strategic location in Iran (Shiraz, Marvdasht), a region known for optimal tomato cultivation conditions, further enhances its competitive edge in the global market. As a trusted name in the industry, Rowyal has built a reputation for reliability and consistency, catering to diverse customer needs with its wide range of tomato paste varieties.

With a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainable practices, Rowyal a factory of Tomato Paste in Iran, continues to thrive as a leading force in the international tomato paste market.

Rowyal boasts a rich history and background rooted in the heart of Iran’s agricultural landscape. Founded decades ago, Rowyal initially began as a modest tomato cultivation endeavor in the fertile region of Shiraz Marvdasht. Over the years, the company expanded its operations and diversified into tomato paste production, leveraging its expertise and commitment to quality.

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Rowyal Sabz Novin has evolved into a leading supplier and factory of tomato paste in Iran. Its journey is marked by a dedication to excellence and a deep understanding of the intricacies of tomato cultivation and processing. Today, Rowyal stands as a symbol of Iranian culinary tradition and craftsmanship, admired for its unwavering commitment to delivering premium tomato paste products to markets worldwide.

Rowyal’s factory location

Rowyal stands as the premier supplier and factory of tomato paste in Iran, distinguished by its unrivaled quality and commitment to excellence. Situated in the picturesque region of Shiraz Marvdasht, Rowyal benefits from the rich soil and ideal climate conditions that contribute to the exceptional quality of tomatoes grown in the area.

 The fertile lands surrounding Shiraz Marvdasht yield tomatoes renowned for their robust flavor and vibrant color, making them the perfect choice for premium tomato paste production. Rowyal’s strategic location in this renowned tomato-growing region ensures access to the finest raw materials, enabling the company to maintain the highest standards of quality throughout the production process.  

By harnessing the natural bounty of the land and implementing stringent quality control measures, Rowyal a factory of Tomato Paste in Iran consistently delivers tomato paste products of unparalleled taste and freshness. The company’s unwavering dedication to sourcing the best tomatoes from local farmers underscores its commitment to supporting the regional economy and promoting sustainable agriculture practices. With its roots deeply embedded in the fertile soils of Shiraz Marvdasht, Rowyal remains steadfast in its mission to provide customers with the finest tomato paste products that embody the essence of Iranian culinary tradition.

معتبرترین کارخانه رب گوجه در ایران برای صادرات Supplier and Factory of Tomato Paste in Iran for Export 2024

Rowyal's Role in Iran's Tomato Paste Industry

Rowyal Sabz Novin plays a pivotal role in Iran’s tomato paste industry and export sector, serving as a key contributor to the country’s agricultural economy. With its advanced manufacturing facilities and expertise in tomato processing, Rowyal as a factory of Tomato Paste in Iran stands as a cornerstone of Iran’s food production landscape. The company’s strategic focus on quality and innovation has positioned it as a preferred supplier of tomato paste both domestically and internationally.

Through meticulous sourcing of premium tomatoes and adherence to stringent production standards, Rowyal ensures the superiority of its products in the global market. Leveraging its extensive network of partners and distributors, Rowyal facilitates the seamless export of tomato paste to numerous countries worldwide.

Its commitment to sustainable practices and ethical business conduct further underscores Rowyal’s role as a responsible player in Iran’s agricultural sector. By promoting the nation’s agricultural prowess on the global stage, Rowyal Sabz Novin contributes significantly to Iran’s economic growth and development.

Export Market for Iranian Tomato Paste

The export market for Iranian tomato paste is robust and expansive, reflecting the nation’s status as a major player in the global food industry. Iran’s fertile lands and favorable climate conditions yield an abundance of high-quality tomatoes, making it a prime source for premium tomato paste products. With increasing demand from international markets, Iranian tomato paste enjoys widespread popularity for its rich flavor and superior quality.

Export destinations for Iranian tomato paste span across continents, with countries in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and beyond eagerly embracing its culinary versatility. The export market serves as a vital avenue for Iranian producers, offering opportunities for growth and expansion on a global scale. Leveraging its strategic geographical location and efficient transportation networks, Iran facilitates the seamless flow of tomato paste to diverse international markets.

As consumer preferences shift towards healthier and natural food choices, Iranian tomato paste emerges as a favored option, prized for its purity and nutritional value. Amidst stiff competition in the global marketplace, Iranian producers continually strive to innovate and differentiate their offerings to meet evolving consumer demands. Through strategic partnerships and market insights, Iranian exporters navigate dynamic market trends and forge lasting relationships with discerning buyers worldwide.

Importer countries of Rowyal tomato paste

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) emerges as the foremost importer of Rowyal Sabz Novin tomato paste, driven by its robust economy and diverse culinary preferences.

Oman, with its growing demand for quality food products, stands as another significant market for Rowyal’s tomato paste exports. Russia, with its vast population and culinary diversity, presents ample opportunities for Rowyal to expand its presence in the market.

Uzbekistan, known for its rich culinary heritage, also imports Rowyal tomato paste, drawn to its superior quality and flavor. Turkey, a crossroads of cultures, embraces Rowyal’s tomato paste as a staple ingredient in its cuisine, further solidifying Rowyal’s position as a leading exporter in the region.


In conclusion, Rowyal emerges as a beacon of excellence in as a factory of Tomato Paste in Iran, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Through its strategic location, advanced technology, and dedication to sustainable practices, Rowyal has solidified its position as a trusted supplier and factory of tomato paste for export markets worldwide.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, environmental responsibility, and continuous improvement, Rowyal epitomizes the essence of success in the competitive global marketplace. As the demand for premium tomato paste continues to rise, Rowyal stands poised to lead the industry into a future defined by excellence, integrity, and prosperity.

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