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Tomato Paste:

Rowyal Sabz Novin Products 09171199398 call us at
Rowyal Sabz Novin Products 09171199398 call us at

Our premium tomato paste is the perfect foundation for your culinary creations. Made from sun-ripened, carefully selected tomatoes, our paste offers a rich, concentrated flavor that elevates any dish. Available in convenient canned options of 400g and 800g, as well as glass jars of 750g and 1.5kg, we cater to both home cooks and commercial kitchens. For bulk orders, we also offer aseptic packaging in drums(Aseptic).


Each batch of our tomato paste is crafted to ensure consistent quality, vibrant color, and a smooth texture. Whether you’re preparing authentic Italian sauces, hearty stews, or zesty Middle Eastern dishes, our versatile tomato paste will enhance your recipes with its pure, intense tomato flavor. Choose Rowyal for a reliable source of high-quality tomato paste that meets international food safety standards.

Rowyal Sabz Novin Products 09171199398 call us at


Discover the finest grains with Rowyal’s premium rice selection. Our rice varieties are sourced from the world’s best growing regions, ensuring superior quality and taste in every grain. Whether you prefer long-grain, short-grain, or specialty rice, our diverse range caters to all culinary preferences and traditions. Each batch is carefully processed and packaged to preserve freshness and nutritional value.

Rowyal Rice
Rowyal Rice

Broke Rice:

Try unique charm of Rowyal’s premium Broken Rice, a versatile and economical alternative to whole grain rice. Our Broken Rice consists of rice grains that have been fractured during the milling process, resulting in smaller, irregularly shaped pieces. Don’t let its appearance fool you – this product offers the same nutritional value as whole rice grains and absorbs flavors more readily, making it an excellent choice for a variety of dishes.

Ideal for creating creamy risottos, hearty congee, or as a base for stir-fries, our Broken Rice cooks faster and has a softer texture compared to whole rice grains. It’s particularly popular in Southeast Asian cuisine and is gaining recognition worldwide for its affordability and culinary versatility. Whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to diversify your menu or a food manufacturer seeking cost-effective ingredients, Rowyal’s high-quality Broken Rice delivers consistent results and satisfaction in every batch.

Oil (Sunflower, Palm, Vegetable):

Rowyal brings you a comprehensive range of high-quality cooking oils to suit all your culinary needs. Our selection includes pure sunflower oil, known for its light flavor and high smoke point; versatile palm oil, perfect for frying and baking; and our all-purpose vegetable oil blend. Each oil is carefully extracted and refined to ensure purity, consistency, and optimal nutritional profiles.

Rowyal Oil
Rowyal Oil

We understand the importance of healthy cooking practices, which is why our oils are free from trans fats and rich in beneficial nutrients. Whether you’re sautéing, deep-frying, or preparing dressings, our oils deliver excellent performance and enhance the flavors of your dishes. Available in various packaging sizes to meet both household and industrial demands, Rowyal’s oil products are the ideal choice for health-conscious consumers and food industry professionals alike.

Rowyal is a major global supplier of vegetable oils to markets around the world. The company sources and distributes a variety of oil types, including palm, soybean, sunflower, and canola. With an extensive supply chain and logistics network, Rowyal delivers oils to food manufacturers, restaurants, and retailers internationally. The firm prioritizes sustainability in its sourcing practices to meet growing demand for responsibly produced vegetable oils. Rowyal’s quality control measures ensure its oils meet international standards and regulations across diverse markets.

Rowyal stands as a prominent global supplier of diverse foodstuffs, catering to markets worldwide with an extensive product portfolio. The company’s offerings span a wide range of essential food items, including high-quality tomato paste, various grades of rice, premium sugar sourced from Brazil, and an assortment of vegetable oils. Rowyal’s commitment to quality and reliability has established it as a trusted partner for food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers across continents.

With a robust supply chain and logistics network, Rowyal ensures timely delivery of its products to meet the dynamic needs of the global food industry. The company’s dedication to sourcing top-tier ingredients and maintaining stringent quality control measures has solidified its reputation in the international market. Rowyal continuously adapts to evolving consumer preferences and industry standards, offering both conventional and specialty food products to satisfy diverse client requirements. For inquiries or to learn more about Rowyal’s extensive product line and services, interested parties are encouraged to contact the company at +968-79572032.